Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Basement Spin Off Project Post

This month I tackled The Organization Junkie's 29 Day Organizational Challenge. The space I organized, as most of you know, was the basement. In my Reveal post yesterday, I said this is the place stuff goes to die--or to be rehabilitated--or to simply wait for a decision. One of the reasons I wanted to tackle it was precisely this: there were projects that needed to be done just piling up down there.

Here are a few of them.

1) The downstairs bathroom ceiling.

I took photos of the before, trust me. I lost them though in the Great Computer Crash of January '12.

The ceiling is dropped--in two places. Over the tub, it's dropped because our stairs turn and climb over the back of the tub. This area is drywalled and plastered. (But it's not drywall and plaster but whatever it is they used back in the late forties to smooth finish a ceiling. Whatever.)

The ceiling is also dropped over the sink and toilet area --but because of the bath fan. This was a DIY project by whoever put up the horizontal pine planks in the basement--cause that's what s/he used for the ceiling.

I had to go back a long way--back to when I first painted the area over the tub blue (Oct 2007!) to show you what was what.

and this one shows just how silly it was:

Here's an "in progress" shot from last month, showing just how "dropped" the "ceiling" is--and the direction I was going:

(Yes, I am flat on my back, head wedged down by the toilet.)

After one coat of primer and two of paint, those planks made it back up stairs and onto the ceiling.

Ugh. I have to put up the bath fan cover. I forgot. Also, it seems as though the planks don't fit properly. Maybe they never did. And the part over the bath tub needs another coat--but I ran out. But the curved shower rod? Best. Thing. Ever. Honest.

But still, better?

Let's see, what else?

My husband was home last week and did all of these projects for me. I just have to finish them.

2) The media "cabinet" got an extra shelf. He cut it from pine, bevelled the edge and installed it.

Seems like it's a stage for an Alien vs Predator battle.

I need to stain it.

3) My living room now has abundant seating. All through January, while we watched two entire seasons of CSI on DVD together, my teenage son took the IKEA chair and my daughter, my husband, me and the dog (!) piled into the couch. It's not that big. Trust me.

A motley collection, to be sure, but the dog's happier.

We brought up a chair from the basement with chewed uphostery from the dog's puppy days and threw a blanket over it: I need to slipcover it. My husband repaired the rocking chair: I need to recover that pillow.

4) We got a "new" footstool, too. This has been waiting for repair for years. Deadalus cut and shaped a new leg. He'd never done anything like it before.

(Getting the living room ready for her beauty shot. It's also shedding season.)

I think he did well. I don't know whether to stain it (it won't ever "match") or to paint them all? I also need to tighten that cover, which I like, or recover it.

5) A new toy.
A dresser found in the alley. My husband glued a broken drawer.

So, there we have it. Five projects got done as a result of cleaning out that basement this month. That's intentional enough to count as William Morissing my home, I think. Looking forward to next month and crossing more off that list.

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Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Wow. That's some great progress. The little chest of drawers is super cute! And the bathroom ceiling looks way better in white. I'm sure it gives the room a much more open feeling now. We have to do that in my office as of these days. We're focusing on our decluttering first and using things we actually like and have a purpose for first...then we move on the more major stuff! :)

Melissa@Home Baked said...

Awesome work! That curved shower rod IS the best thing ever. I love ours!

alice almighty said...

Wow! Five things off the list is huge. I love the feeling of getting things done that have been hanging on forever. Wonderful post!

Anne At Large said...

I love seeing this progress! I would paint all four ottoman feet either white to go with the piano bench or try and stain the fourth one dark and just give the other three an extra coat of stain, they should be similar enough for your purposes and if you get them all nice and dark they should play well with the Ikea chair (POANG, is that you?) and the other dark wood items you have. Wood doesn't need to match, it's all wood. It just has to look respectable and play well with others.

May said...

Love the dresser!
I think paint for the legs might cause the least headaches. As you mentioned matching them would be tedious.

onshore said...

When you stand in the bathroom do you notice the crookedness of the roof planks? I mean does it matter that they are crooked? I still think even with the not perfect fit that the white is whole lot better than the old dark wood. Excellent job.

Love the new leg on the footstool. I'd most likely paint them all.

pamelotta said...

I love what you did with the ceiling planks. And the fact that they're white now kind of makes them look a little cottagey so you don't notice any unevenness. Of course, If you're not going for that look, they might bother you. I think they're fine because no one is going to be laying on the floor like you did to take those pictures! You've just been staring at it too long!

Also, I love how warm and inviting your living room looks. What a great place to cuddle! Good job crossing all those tasks off your list!

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