Friday, March 16, 2012

Project Simplify: The Fridge, Freezer (and Pantry)

I cleaned and organized my pantry last week.

I had also wiped down the inside of my fridge just a couple of weeks ago, so I wasn't expecting a big job ahead of me.

I thought I'd just scrub the heck out of the outside of the fridge, the floor underneath it, and look after the door.

Well, all that went without a hitch. I did find some old black and white film on the door, though. The boxes said it should have developed before the end of 2007. Oops.

I decided I would remove the drawers and give them a proper sudsy wash. Before I knew it, one thing led to another and I discovered a region of the fridge I'd never seen before.

How on earth can food even find it's way in there? This is up and behind the crisper drawers--coveniently hidden before now by the bottom shelf. What a mess.

But everything's all shiny clean, now.

(I use two lazy susans to help me find jars and things. Love them!)

I left the freezer compartment for this morning and I'm glad I did. Today I plan to tackle my stove top and oven and I'd been fretting about what to have for supper. While cleaning it out, I found some sausage and a bag of peroghies. Dinner? Done!

I am very lucky to have another freezer downstairs so I keep only what I want quick access to up here. Fruits, vegetables, ice cream, OJ, bread crumbs, cheese, that kind of thing.

I confess, however, I did not clean my downstairs freezer. That has to be done in January when I can store the food outside if I have to.

Linking up to Simple Mom and the Organizing the fridge and pantry challenge.


Dottie said...

Great job! I did the challenge this week myself but I didn't clean behind the fridge. Sigh... thanks for the reminder that needs to be done. :)

onshore said...

Nice! I especially like that you decluttered and organized the papers hanging on the fridge. It looks good.
I confess that I don't clean my fridge often but when I do I always remove the shelves, but that is only because I think it's so hard to wipe off crums, those are just easier to wash.

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