Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Goals Post: March

Spring is coming. It must be because Leena talked me into doing some Spring Cleaning this month. The plan is to tackle one room a week a la MG-R's Cure. I will do a post on that in further detail, Sunday or Monday. Join me!

Without further ado, here are my Goals for March.


1. Make curtain panel for sink window.

Living Room:

2. Finish resizing and re-sewing couch slipcover.

3. Cut and sew two panels from this one for these two windows.


4. Plan and cost out front yard and garden.

5. Look into having the front sidewalk professionally removed.

6. Plan the vegetable garden.

Back Hallway:

7. Clean and organize this drawer.

Clean, top to bottom:

1. Kitchen
2. Entrance Way(s)
3. Living Room

(Lists to follow)


1. Keep up with the daily housekeeping.
2. Plan some fun things to do for March break (last week in March).
3. Exercise every day.
(I seem to do much better with this goal than with goals to excersise every other day, for example: even if, it turns out, I exercise only every other day.)
4. Sell this stuff in the dining room.

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