Friday, December 10, 2010

Food for thought (and the holidays!)

Hooray for Scott Abel. He's a fellow who writes on fitness --and mostly writes critiques of the fitness and diet industry. He talks sense.

When people are told over and over again to subtract their enjoyment of food from the traditional celebrations they have known their whole life, then there is no more safe-haven. And then there is no more a place to ground oneself into being and feeling whole; embracing joy. Without being able to psychologically embrace the whole experience of the holidays, including food indulgence, then more is lost than gained. If you want to measure that and judge it on a bathroom scale, then I say even greater is the loss.


You can never own or have a truly positive experience with anything that generates fear, stress, or anxiety.

Read more on his blog..

I found this on You-Tube. It's Desiree Walker, a woman he trained for a fitness competition. In another article he talks about her "athleticism." I now see what he meant. The best part? The huge grin on her face.

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