Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily, Day 2

I took the prompt for Dec 2 from Shimelle's clss. Wonderful pages being shown and so interesting as most of the participants are from the U.K.

The weather here has actually been mild. Minus 8 or so Celsius is wonderful at this time of year --in the sun and without wind, of course. And we were lucky to have that today.

On the left, a screen capture of the weather page from Environment Canada. Around it I printed the little ditty (which we first heard in Little Bear.):

Whether the weather the hot, whether the weather be cold,
we'll weather the weather,
whatever the weather,
whether we like it or not.

I included photocopies of our energy/electricity bill and our natural gas bill in the envelope. Behind the envelope, I have the scrapbook "spread." The journaling card is something I made up in word (fonts: Antique Olive and Antigoni Light).

It reads:

For me, surviving the winter is all about the Christmas lights. C (my husband) and B (my son) put these up on Remembrance Day when it was still warm. They're so cheery, we won't take them down until March! I actually turn these on in the morning when I take Aurelia to the bus stop --just so they greet me when I come home.

The original:

As you can see, it isn't bothering me one whit to change things up.
(Though now that I see it again, I may spruce up that envelop with some of that patterned paper. We'll see.

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Great pages. I liked your ideas. The bill, the shot of the weather info. I think I might lift this idea too.LOL. I'm so sorry it's so cold there.Brrrrr

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