Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Idea

Notice anything different?

My neighbour had her son "who was in landscaping for six years" trim the tree. I was not at all impressed with his technique, but it's done.

We got to talking, though, and he recommended I build up the soil in order to plant. I fear he may be right. I was trying to figure out how deeply to dig my holes for the two dogwoods I bought today--and realised that we've disturbed the soil so much (especially where we took out the bush) that I have no idea where the "top" should be. He helped me figure that out (use the top of the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps as my guide).

Then a couple of other neighbours ambled down the street and said, in the nicest possible way, "This looks like a big project, what are you doing here?" I told them the truth, "I don't know anymore." We talked a bit and the fellow said he may have a saw the husband can use to take out the stump. I said I would send him down. He is picking up a heavy duty axe on his way home from work this evening thought.

Last night, I analysed my shadow pictures and studied up on asymmetry a bit more and drew the following.

The planting bed (between the house and the path) on the left side right drops down 16' at the sidewalk, and 14' on the right. (Right about where the sunlight is on the grass in the above photo, taken at 5:30 this evening.) From east to west, it extends 18' on the left and 11' on the right. I don't know how much I should raise it--except that dirt is supposed to slope one inch every eight feet down and away from the foundation. So, it should be 5 1/4" inches higher at the house end than the street sidewalk end. I haven't measured, but I bet it isn't.

Figuring out the math to calculate cubit feet of dirt needed is beyond me.

And that last tree has got to go.

You can call me insane, it's OK. I decided that as my trouble is with envisioning verticals, that I should make a scale 3-D model of the plan above. So, I did. It is very crude.

The first image in the sequences has no fence, the second, a fence along the west side only, and in the third there's a fence along the west side and west side front. It is to scale. The city will allow a fence 3.3 feet high (not including the height of the fence posts) in the front yard.

Looking head on:

Looking west:

Looking east:

Let's design by committee, shall we?

Which do you like best? No fence, one fence, or two fence?


scb said...

I like that asymmetrical plan. I don't know what to say about the dirt and the gradients and all that.

This is all so complicated!

Relax, take some deep breaths...

scb said...

For me, it's either no-fence or two-fence. From the front, I like no-fence best, but from either side, I like two-fence just about equally.

I really like the boulders in the non-fence corner, by the flagpole (although they're back breakers. My cousin hauled some in from the country for the corner of their yard, and gibbled his back, so be careful if you're doing boulders. On the other hand, they, too, were on a corner, and the corner boulders looked fantastic.)

This 3-D plan was an excellent idea. It's really helpful for my ability to visualize, too. I like the apples, which I assume represent round bushes. And I really like the look of the outlined asymmetrical beds, from every angle.

It's going to be interesting to read other people's takes on this.

drwende said...

The model idea is brilliant.

I'm leaning toward "no fence."

Alana in Canada said...

Sorry, I should have mentiond--the rocks could be boulders--they could be bushes, the could beplants, The idea was simply to represent mass and shape and height--not really "boulders." (We couldn't afford any that large, irl, anyway!)

Janel said...

lol! Good for you!! I love your 3D designs. :)

My DH actually hired an excavator to go dig up boulders from the back of our previous property to line the driveway. And by the scale you have there, imagine that big in real life. (!) It was a crazy project, but it looked awesome finished. :)

I like the no fence options with the boulders or something the same scale.

This might sound totally wierd and completely crazy, but pick up a copy of Laurie Ward's Use What You Have Decorating. What she does with furniture in a room, as far as weight and balance, will help you to determine size and placement of your gardens.

The rocks on the left balance the off center placement of house. Adding the fence on the right would make the property look lopsided.

Keep up the good work! :)

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