Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Numbers Up!

Stucco is really, really hard. Even with the proper drill bit, it took forever to drill the holes for the screws.

But here they are!

And for the finale---wait for it----

Crackers--in addition to a new light fixture, now I need a new welcome mat! Look at that dinky thing.

I understand now why the husband looked at me funny when I brought home the new mailbox and protested, "It was only $11!" Then again, the numbers project came in under that modest amount, but one thing does lead to another, doesn't it?

I imagine you are asking yourself, why "03" and not just "3?" Call it quirky local convention. Our addresses in this part of town are all numbers--a "3" by itself would be a bit confusing, believe it or not. (Or so we figured.)


scb said...

I like it. So the first part of the number is just assumed? How do people coming to a house on the block know which block they're in? (Or am I just being a blockhead...)

Therapizing a house or an apartment is definitely like playing dominoes, or like eating Ritz crackers. One thing leads inevitably to another. Now you can decide what color welcome mat you want!

(Oh, and with my silly brain that has a song for everything, I'm now singing a Riders in the Sky song, purporting to be Miss Kitty from the old TV show Gunsmoke, saying to Sheriff Matt Dillon, "Some day you're going to wear out your welcome, Matt...")

Anyway, yay for your boom da da boom!

Alana in Canada said...

No, usually folks will put the street number on the house as in, hypothetically, 12303, but we chose not to. After all, the sign for the street can be seen from the front door, so we thought it would be OK. If we lived at 12343, though, we might have felt compelled to put up all five numbers (because by the time you get to the end of the block, you may have forgotten where you are. At least, it's like that for me, sometimes!)

Mella DP said...

Looks great! I like how that mounting turned out.

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