Tuesday, August 12, 2008

House Numbers

Of course, we could go the "cute" route:

(from Ann's House Numbers).

or the kistchy:

or the elaborate:

But sometimes, simple is best.

Check this out (top is the before and after):

From this site. (It was also featured on AT, which is how Google found it.)

I think that raising them gives the cheap thin numbers greater depth and weight--and it's too easy. I showed the husband and he said, "We can do that."

We've decided we just want the house number. Around here, most folks include the street number as well, but as we are right on the corner, we can be cheap!

I think it might work best where scb recommended it go--to the other side of the mail box and light fixture and not between them as I'd originally thought. Like this:

(Font: Times New Roman, which I quite like, courtesy of MS Paint.)

We briefly considered putting the numbers into the triangle of the porch "roof" facade, but thought better of it. It's too small to "dress up" but doesn't this make a statement?

From this site.

I am itching to re-paint the trim from that ugly yellow-brown to something with more pep. But at this rate, I'll be lucky--and glad--to get the fence done.


scb said...

Yes! I love the raised numbers. Gives them more class, and more presence. And I do like them lined up vertically, especially with a long number like yours. I think that my uncle's house number (very similar to yours, five numbers long, which is a lot of numbers!) was in the same place as yours is now. I really like the alternate placement.

scb said...

I just went back and checked the pic of my aunt and uncle's house, and their mailbox and light were on the other side (makes sense, since their house was a mirror image of yours) and the number was between them, at a slight angle, but more horizontal than vertical. I like the idea of giving the numbers more room to "be", than putting them between the light and the mailbox would allow.

lsaspacey said...

I actually would vote for the triangle. Otherwise, anyone looking for your house really has to look for the numbers, whereas in the triangle it's more easily seen from the road. I also think the space available there is much larger than the area you are currently thinking of. Just my opinion.

Alana in Canada said...

Interesting, Lisa. Thanks for the thought. What you say makes perfect sense--I just like the idea of creating a visual triangle with the light, and mail box on one side and the house numbers on the other. Though I suppose I cold do it with the wid chimes, somehow, if I really wanted to put them in the porch triangle.

We've taken down the old ones, purchased the new ones, and extra long screws and rustled up some black plastic tubing. I painted the heads of the screws with black auto spray paint. It may just happen tomorrow evening! I'm excited about new house numbers. Do I need a vacation, or something, do you think? Jeesh.

drwende said...

New house numbers are an excellent thing to be excited about!

Your house is looking much more like a place that welcomes.

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