Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Exactly a Guilty Pleasure

I am compelled to provide a bit of background.

Last week I finally got to see The Queen. I always enjoy the commentaries, and I found the one by the historian quite interesting (if a bit pedantic and a bit too much of stating the obvious). He mentioned that "an interview" with the late Diana, The Princess of Wales which was playing in the background and which in the film the Queen was watching had "blindsided The Palace." He said it was this interview which decided them that the separation between the Prince and Princess of Wales should be made permanent with a divorce.

It was the famous interview (which I actually saw at the time) where she mentions being "the queen of people's hearts."

I wanted to watch the interview again, so I turned to You-Tube and found it.

I also found an awful lot of sick puppy videos centered around Prince William and Prince Harry. I watched a few--still photographs culled from various sources set to awful music.

However, I did enjoy this one. I thought it was done rather well.

Too Sexy Prince Harry


scb said...

Okay. I admit it, I am sooooo slow on the uptake that I was thinking "I didn't realize that the Queen was visiting Canada this month..." Oy. Slap me upside the head and maybe my brain will start working. You saw the *movie* The Queen. Aha. Yes. Now I understand. I am such a doze-head sometimes...

I haven't watched the commentaries on the DVD yet -- but I will, now that you've mentioned them. (I tend to ignore them on all DVDs, but I'm likely missing a lot of good stuff.)

When I watched the movie, I had to keep turning up the sound, and turning down the sound, and I got really frustrated with that. Did your copy have that problem, too?

Alana in Canada said...

Not that I emember. But then, I tend to watch it about no more than three feet away! Ours was a copy from the library.

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