Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just a Small Project

No more soggy mail!
(The original one had lost its lid.)

Did you know the centre of my house is the mailbox--more or less? Crazy.

Who wants to make the mail box the focal point?

Now, for the light fixture. I'd like to either replace or repaint the one we have. If I could find a more attractive (and suitable) fixture for about the cost of a can of spray paint, I'll do it in a heartbeat! I'd want something plain--but somehow tied into the lovely trellis work. You can't see it, but the window in the front door is a simple diamond. A very simple arts and crafts style would be nice--or would it be too arts and crafts? I haven't a clue. But the current "carriage" style doesn't say anything nice (on my house. It'd be fine somewhere else, I'm sure.)

I went Windows shopping. Here's one from Home despot:

And here's one from our other Big Box store, Rona.

A bit ornate for my taste...but it has a diamond and the scrolly curves of the trellis. I would like it better if the face plate were square. I use compact fluorescent outside, so the frosted glass of the first one is preferable. I like this one, too (also from Rona) but the clear glass gives me pause:

(However, it is only $12!)

I seem to have lost all confidence when it comes to taste. Which one do you like?


Mella DP said...

I like #1 best, though #3 is of course very similar. #2 is a bit ornate for the style of your house. I don't like the clear glass either, even with a standard bulb, but could you frost it somehow? With etching compound maybe? I have no idea whether that would be durable for outside, but someone might...

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks Mella. Anyone know how to frost for exterior glass? At $12 the budget may just extend to a can of spray something. (I think dh will balk at the price of the first one. $20is about the budget for this little improvement.)

The other nice thing about these new styles is that they aren't enclosed. I have to dismantle the current one in order to change the lightbulb. We will both appreciate that.

drwende said...

There used to be a spray can substance that frosted glass -- probably still is, but I haven't used it in years. One of the two big spray paint companies made it.

My choices would be #2 and then #1 (and it's a close call). Both are more "sometime in the 1910s" than "ohmigoodness ARTS & CRAFTS!!!"

lorijo said...

I like 1, but 3 is a great choice in your price point. They make spray frosting for glass-I have seen it in craft stores.
Just make sure the scale is right for your house. The first light I bought was to small. I had to buy another the next year that was larger.

Alana in Canada said...

I went and looked at the last two tonight. #3 is tiny. It takes a chandelier bulb. So, the scale is not going to work. However, #2 isn't so bad. Somehow it's not as ornate as the picture led me to fear. I would have purchased it (only $20) but the store was out of stock.

Thanks for your opinions, everyone.

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