Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From the Inbox

One of the great things about homeschooling is finding out about all the neat teaching tools out there.

A notice that these are available arrived in my mailbox today.

They are from Dover Publications. (psst, if you click on the link, you can follow a few more links and see Cindy and Michelle, too!)

Aren't they great?

Note the posture. Are Republicans upright and stiff? Are they unyielding? Or, are they trustworthy and dogged? Do they have necks?

Are Democrats sloppy and slouchy and not to be trusted--or comforting and laid back? Will they park my car for me?

I wonder if there would be outcry and brouhaha if Hillary had won the nomination instead? (Though I would feel vaguely indecent dressing and undressing Bill.)

I wish they had Canadian equivalents.


Mella DP said...

Awesome. Though the wives are really scary looking, and the Obama children look white.

drwende said...

*fingers itch to get a McCain set because it'd be such fun to draw additional outfits for Cindy McCain*

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