Friday, September 26, 2014

Finally: Getting It Gone.

In the Spring, I embarked on an ambitious program to get rid of a certain number of items every single day during the month of March. The number of items was to be the same as the number of the day: so on the 3rd of March, I got rid of 3 things. On the 29th, 29 things.

Now according to the rules of the "game", you are supposed to actually take those items out of the house each day. I did not. I let them gather in piles, I worked on several days at once, and when it was all over, had a list of places to take things to really, finally, get rid of them.

The exercise both took over my life and overwhelmed me--and there are still a lot of boxes in my garage. In short, this way of decluttering really didn't work for me: and that's OK.

Much more successful for me is to declutter organically--as just a part of whatever I'm doing. So, as I decorate the mantel and take down a thrift store painting, I decide whether to keep it--or let it go. When I do the seasonal clothing swap out, I assess each garment and decide what to do with it.

This week's decluttered items were gathered like that. But, as usual, it took me a long while to get some of them actually out of the house.

This pile was from my closet purge in June--and then I did another closet purge a little while ago. The clothes sat upstairs, outside my bedroom door for about two weeks.

This stuff here in the basement "donation station" is mostly from my daughter--and her closet purge in June!

Finally, I got it all together in one pile--but it was already dark by eight pm.

But no matter. It is all gone now! My house and I feel several pounds lighter.

 (Those are the brown drapes I took down out of the living room this spring. I haven't decided what to do with them. Meh. Progress, not perfection, right?)

Boom da da boom.


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Oh, you're writing about the part of decluttering I rarely see anyone mention: Actually getting it out of the household. I've got a shelf in the garage that's full of things waiting to go. I just need to bag them up and get them out. Probably not going to happen this weekend though!

I'm also an organic declutterer. I've never tried one of those challenges. I dunno…feels a little arbitrary to me, although I'm sure it's good for getting you to look at your things through a different lens.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Rita. It is surprisingly difficult to actually get it physically away and gone. Hope you can get rid of your stuff soon.It feels quite satisfying to get it done.

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