Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Copy That.

A blogger I have been reading for a long time--Darlene, over at Fieldstone Hill, has this great series she calls "Ditto." The idea--and it is a great one--is to pick an image of an interior and identify what elements you would copy.

When I saw this image in the September issue of House Beautiful, I was immediately drawn to it. I have been looking on-line and have not found it anywhere, so I scanned my copy and uploaded it.

side note: This is an odd thing. It is treated by HB as an editorial: but the "rooms" (and there were three of them) were created and styled by the stylists at Ralph Lauren (and I quote) "to illustrate their innovative paint line" (which my workplace had set up just that day!) So, really, it's an ad.  An aditorial?

Here is the one I fell in love with:
photography by William Abranowicz

What would I ditto?

1) That navy sofa. Apparently it is denim. Works for me.

2) All the cognac--in the leather and the wood.

3) The tall stump. Love it!

4) Can you see the floor clearly? Narrow slats of wood. Various shades of rough, weathered grey--and then, interspersed like the raisins in an oatmeal cookie, little planks stained blue and dark golden honey. Our floor is absolutely on its last legs. This looks like such a fabulous re-invention. It's be a lot of work. Would I tire of it too soon--or would I love it forever?

5) Layering one rug over the other.

6) The weathered paint job on the side table.

7) The old "wavy glass" window panes (but maybe not the paint, lol.)

8) That chain and wood slab end table in the foreground. Awesome.

See anything you'd copy?

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