Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Clean House = A Clear Mind


the kitchen table: a project all by itself

I cleaned the house.

Of course, I was expecting someone.

They didn't show, so I was left feeling somewhat deflated--and even more anxious about the state of the house than when I'd started. It stole my joy. How dumb is that?

Does it ever happen to you that once you start cleaning, you start to see all the dirt? all the things left undone that need doing? I decluttered the table, changed the burnt out bulb, turned on the lamp and bang: there it is. That's one filthy table top staring back at me. I vaccuum the rug in the hallway--and suddenly I can see all the smudges on the walls and windows! I am sure it happens to everyone.

the desk: to be reset every night before bed

So, instead of feeling like I could relax on my day off, after cleaning my house for three hours, I felt like there was so much more to be done.

But, you know what?

It's Ok.

Last night, I sat at the computer after working late, knowing I needed to get the house ready for the impending visit and my mind was in a fog. I could not think clearly about what I had to do. There just seemed so much of it. I hardly knew where to begin. Making a list, my normal starting place, would have made me far too anxious before bed-time. All I could do last night was ask my son to do some of the dishes and pick up and put away my clothes in my bedroom.

the hallway, as seen from the front door. I still want to pant those yellow bits.

This morning, even before I put on my slippers, I made my bed. That propelled me into the bathroom where I realised I needed cleaner before I could do anything. No matter. I started in the kitchen by filling up the sink while I prepared my coffee and then moved immediately to the living room to de-clutter the dishes and so on.

I just kept moving with a rough list in my head.

It's a clean slate.

why yes, the living room does look at little different from the last time you saw it.

And now, not only can I see the dirt, but I can see my way clear to doing something about it--and all the projects still left to be done. I can make a list. Actually, I've made more than one.

bullet journal still going strong

My goal this week is to spend one hour a day on all the things which need doing (except for the two days I work more than seven hours). I may split that up into two half hour sessions or do it all at once. We'll see how the day goes. For accountability, I'll post an after shot of the above page when the week is done.


i said...

Good,good,go! You made me smile. I' m sure you can feell the peace in your home. Have a Nice week .

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, I can. Thank you! It was so great to wake up to a quiet, clean house this morning.

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