Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning 2014: Day 1

I am ready for SPRING!

View of the back yard from the kitchen window, March 3rd. (Why yes, there is green painters tape still on the window.)

It seems that the Spring Cleaning bug has hit the blogosphere, myself included. As you can see, it still looks a lot like winter--and there's snow forecast for every single day this week. So, no better time to be cleaning and scrubbing, really.

In fact, my first task in my prioritized Spring cleaning check list was to clean out the upright freezer in the basement. I don't think I have ever done it. Ever.

You can see why it needed to be defrosted. That might be about 5 years of frost on there, give or take.

I sorted and catalogued all the food and loaded it up into laundry baskets to go outside into the playhouse. I think there were four. I had the kids carry it out. (Guess whose grocery bill will likely be low this month, we hope?)

It was minus 20 celcius on Sunday--the day I started,  minus 17 the day I had to put the project on hold because I had to go to work (Monday), and minus 16 today --the day I put it all back in the freezer. (I had my husband and son carry it all back in.)

You really could not have asked for better weather to defrost a freezer! 'bout the only thing it was good for! Hopefully, we won't see temperatures like these again for another six months! Yay.

I have 12 days off these first three weeks of March. I will do my Spring cleaning--focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms.

Day 1: Defrost and clean the freezer
Day 2: Clean the refrigerator and freezer compartment
Day 3: Clean the kitchen ceiling, the bathroom ceiling, top of fridge, cabinets, doors, door and window casings, light switch.
Day 4: Empty out and clean upper cabinets
Day 5: Empty out and clean lower cabinets
Day 6: Deep clean stove, oven and coffee pot
Day 7: Clean kitchen baseboards and floor
Day 8: Wash bath mats, shower curtains, wash down bathroom walls
Day 9: Purge pantry, wipe out shelves and organize
Day 10: Remove items from the Expedit and wash it out
Day 11: Remove items from the bookshelves in stairwell and wash them.
Day 12: Vacuum mattresses and wash bedding

Obviously, this is a bit ambitious, so well see how it goes. 

Has the Spring Cleaning bug hit you?


onshore said...

I've been waiting for those cold days to defrost the freezer, but we wont get those apparently, we've had really no winter at all here.

But spring clean is somethign I'm also planning, it has gotten sunnier now and sun always inspires me to clean :)

It's good you have a chedule, maybe it inspires you to get more done

Bo Tolbert said...

So, how did it go? You’re doing things one at a time, so it’s not as ambitious as you thought. It's actually a good way to make sure that you've completely covered everything that is needed before moving on to the next part. I hope you managed to keep up with your cleaning schedule!

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply

Bennie Dixon said...

I hope you accomplished every task in your list ahead of your timetable. You’ve got to take advantage of the spring cleaning bug, while it’s still in full swing. Once it’s gone, you may find those tasks more dreadful than they already are. Good luck!

Bennie Dixon @ Safeclean Wandsworth

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