Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weekly Declutter: Minimalist March Days 6-12

As I mentioned last week, I've decided to participate in the Minimalists game, hosted at Google+ page, by Christina. The idea is to get rid of the number of items which match the day of the month.

I had thought that as I did my Spring Cleaning, I would naturally come across items to get rid of--and I would simply pile and photograph them before I got rid of them (by recycling, donating, or trashing). But it hasn't been quite that easy. It really has been a challenge!

You can see March 1 to 5, here.

March 6: The "mostly black" pile! Old calculator with instruction book, old router cord, 2 print cartridges (I tried to sell them, but no go), one T-shirt, one pair of socks.

March 7: plant/pot holder, 4 cookbooks, bottle, mug.

March 8: Cleaning the cupboards-- jam, candied fruit (2),  expired bottles of vitamins (3), box of jello mix (1) and a computer card that came with a camera we bought 2 years ago.

 March 9: Spring is Here!-- hat, ear warmer, single gloves/mittens (4), pair of knitted mittens, a pretty scarf no one wore, and some gloves.

 March 10: In the name of frugality-- Left to right, starting from the back: A box for storing things like the used parchment paper inside it, cooking spray with only a tiny bit left, expired cereal, box of freezer paper, some sort of grain, pie weights (old kidney beans in foil), dried up marshmallows (when he thinks of it, my husband cuts them up and puts them into hot chocolate), and old paper bag and croutons from a salad mix.

March 11: Cleaning out the cupboards-- a stock pot with a lid and two strainers, a casserole dish with two lids (a wedding gift, used once in 17 years), work out dvd, stretchie band (I have others), a book, and an 18 year old address and phone book (from my time as a journalist!)

March 12: Books.

They all came from these bookcases on the "library landing." I think I'll spend some time thinning it out.

Have you been decluttering?


onshore said...

I do not know why I found it so easy. Maybe I just had way too much stuff to begin with or stuff that I was not so attached to. Or I was very eager to get rid of stuff.
Hope it's not too difficult, it beeing a challenge is good but it should not be stressful, so stop if it's starts to feel like that.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks! That is good advice.

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