Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Day 6 onwards.

The first day of Spring--as it looked in my back yard!

I made up a schedule for a twelve day cleaning blitz for this merry month of March. I devised it to fit into the time I had available on my days off.

For Days 1-5 I followed my schedule like a good girl.

From Day 6, onwards, though, the schedule was shot to smithereens--and I just cleaned.

The Mattress: (You know why)

My daughter also got in the act, doing a huge purge of stuff from her room. While she was at it, I asked her to vacuum her mattress.

The Kitchen Cart:

Some days I started a project--and finished it that day.

The White Shelves:

Underneath the Stove:

Do not do this at home: that wiring is probably not in accordance with the Building Code.

Others, I spread out over a few days.

The Oven:

Hooray for self-cleaning ovens! Even though we bought the stove in October, this was my first time using the self-cleaning feature. No one told me I should have cleaned the glass before I ran it, though! No worries. I went back to making a thick paste from baking soda and Dawn dish detergent and left it on for a few hours. It did its usual magic.

Linen Storage:

and some of the stuff decluttered:

Some tasks I didn't stop to photograph like scrubbing the stove top, cleaning smudges in the back entry way while talking on the phone, wiping down the front door and cleaning the walls and baseboards in the downstairs bathroom.

And some, I'm still not finished:

I haven't touched these railings in all the years we have lived here. Until now!
(That's seventeen, in case you're wondering.)

Have you caught the Spring Cleaning bug, yet?


onshore said...

Schedule or no schedule, I think the point is that you have been active.

I can understand why you haven't touched the railings, so many tiny nooks to deal with. Just lightly wiping them will not cut it.

German Zollinger said...

The best approach to complete spring cleaning is to devise a plan and schedule to do each part, especially if you know you are in for a tough cleaning after a heavy winter. It seems you managed well with your chores, so cheers to that! Happy cleaning!

German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment

Delbert Powers said...

Setting up a schedule for spring cleaning is really the best action to take in order to finish the tasks efficiently. With a schedule, your cleaning process would be more organized. I can see that your twelve-day schedule turned out well for you and your family. And though you weren’t able to follow the schedule from Day 6 onwards, it still turned out fine because you managed to accomplish everything in your list of things to do in your schedule.

Delbert Powers @ MinuteMan, Intl.

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