Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weekly Decutter: The Outbox

Borrowing a great idea from Maxwell Ryan (of Apartment Therapy fame), I set up an outbox under the folding table in the laundry room/pantry, many many years ago.

When I or the kids decide to get rid of something, it goes here until I get it bagged up and take it to Value Village. I don't normally catalogue what's here before it leaves the house (we do not get any sort of tax relief for these kinds of donations in Canada), but I was curious.

There were 43 items total. That surprised me, I honestly thought there would be more. Socks led the way with 10 pairs. Not too far behind were six T-shirts, and 4 ``other`` various tops. Next in line were tea towels at 3. There were two packages of bags for a vacuum we haven`t had for years, two drain catchers, 2 boxes of crafting beads and 2 pairs of soccer shoes and 2 pairs of slippers.
As for the rest? Musical Christmas lights: 1. Duvet: 1, microwave plate:1


I decided to clean it out not only because, hey, I'm spring cleaning, but also because I've decided to participate in the Minimalists game, hosted at Google+ page, by Christina.

Here's a collage of the items I found for the first five days of March (not counted above, but I have bagged them up!)

Here's to Minimalist March!


onshore said...

Way to go!
Sometimes a big pile of stuff contains surprisingly small amount of items, and sometimes a small pile can contain huge amount of items.

Linda said...

Good for you Alana! I took a large load to the thrift store earlier this week.
Every household should have an 'out box' or a 'donation station'

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