Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Declutter: Socks

It surprises me that people think that they will declutter "once and for all." The thinking seems to be that they will have a big session of decluttering (or several small ones over the course of time) and then they will be done--for all time.

Decluttering, however, will never end. Sorry. As long as things come into the house and as long as we have limited space: some things will have to go out. That's just the way it is. I have been trying to declutter something (or some area) every week.

This week, I decluttered the sock bucket.

Whenever I do laundry, I try to pair socks right away. But because I do only one or two loads a day, the socks can become easily separated. Once in a while, I give my daughter the sock bucket --to pair up socks while she watches TV. But, as you can see, it was time for me to tackle the job.

It only took me ten minutes:

I tossed eight stray single socks (not pictured).

That was too easy--and now I feel like I got something accomplished!


onshore said...

I dislike matching socks so much that we now use sock clips. I've loved the clips, much easier to match the individual pairs than a pile of socks after washing.

But anyway I totally agree, decluttering is never done. Although you can create bit of buffer when you declutter a lot once in a while.

Grace Ramstad said...

I so hate sorting the white socks--mostly because I cannot track which ones belong to who--that I've refused to do it anymore. I throw them all in one basket. Anyone else in the house who wants their white socks can find and match them themselves!

Alana in Canada said...

I love that, Rita (Grace)! I've never heard of sock clips.

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