Monday, September 30, 2013

Staying Organized: 31 Days

This is a tongue-in-cheek post about having your entire life organized.

The thing is, as you can tell from reading the comments, almost everyone wants all the things she listed--date nights, activity kits to keep the kids quiet, a budget.

Thing is, it's really not all that hard to get organized.

You can make a menu plan for a few days, then a week, then two weeks, a month.

You can pare down your wardrobe to the essentials plus a few special things for a season.

You can set up containers, in a drawer or on the desk (or both!) and put markers in one of them, pens and pencils in another.

The thing is to stay organized. Don't buy that cute dress you have no where to wear just because it's on sale, don't put the pen back with the markers, and remember to transfer those receipts from that bottomless pit that you call a purse into the box where they go.

Staying organized is a combination of being organized already and good habits which keep you that way. If one side of the equation or the other is not working, then it's impossible to be organized. I learned that little nugget of wisdom in a Simplify 101 course called, The Secrets of Staying Organized.

During the Nester's annual 31 Day October Blogging Challenge, I'm going to use what I learned in that course (and others) to talk about keeping our (home) lives organized.

I'll have lots to say about battling perfectionism, procrastination and peanut brittle. Ok, maybe not peanut brittle.

But, I hope you'll join me, anyway.

I'll be adding links to the posts as I write them.

Day 1: The Struggle
Day 2: What's It Mean, Anyway?
Day 3: Integrity: Honouring Your Comfort Zone.
Day 4: Perfectionism: A Dirty Word?
Day 5: The Magic of 15 Minutes
Day 6: Time Dreaded Tasks
Day 7: Embrace the Bite, Part 1
Day 8: Embrace the Bite, Part 2
Day 9: Get It Done
Day 10: Finishing the Day
Day 11: Accept Help
Day 12: Be Kind. To Yourself
Day 13: Fixing Systems: Diagnosing What's Broken
Day 14: Tweaking a System: Paying Bills and Keeping Track of our Spending
Day 15: Tweaking a System: Meal Planning
Day 16: Rabbit Trails to Mini-Zones
Day 17: Habits, Part 1
Day 18: Habits and Cues
Day 19: Habits and Rewards
Day 20: Reactive and Proactive Strategies
Day 21: A Clean Home Feels More Organized
Day 22: Schedule Recurring Tasks
Day 23: Make It Easy
Day 24: Make it Fun
Day 25: Write It Down
Day 26: Create Some Breathing Room
Day 27: Slow the Inflow
Day 28: Speed up the Outflow
Day 29: Create Homes for Temporary Things
Day 30: Make Staying Organized Part of the Family Culture
Day 31: Just Say No


Jean said...

Staying organized? I need to learn this one. It is easy to get organized but I do struggle to keep things that way.

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, exactly. It is a struggle to stay that way. What is your particular struggle?

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