Thursday, September 5, 2013

Re-Start Report: The Wednesday Edition.

My hands smell like bleach.

It took me thirty-six minutes to clean the tile in the tub and shower surround.

I always wonder, when I do this "let's get back into a routine and live in a clean house" endeavour just how far to take it. I mean, should I simply do the daily and weekly type stuff-- wipe down the fixtures, mop the floor, maybe wash the bath mat--or should I go all out and scrub the tile, the ceiling, and that barely reachable area behind the toilet which brings my face much closer to it than a healthy person's ought to be?

And that was just the bathroom downstairs.

Upstairs, in the powder room, I washed the wall underneath the towel rack. Anyone want to tell me why the walls streak? I mean, I get that water from our hands must be running down the walls--but why are the drips brown? I haven't smoked in that room since I quit almost five years ago now and I certainly haven't smoked in there since I painted it. It's weird and it's gross.

On second thought, please don't tell me.

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