Friday, September 6, 2013

ReStart Report: The Bedroom and Living Room

This morning, sliding out from under my clean sheets, I had a pleasant start when I saw all the surfaces cleared in the bedroom.

I always underestimate how long the bedroom will take.

Here's what I needed to do:
Pick up and put away clothes, both clean and dirty!
Bring down laundry hamper of items which don't belong in the bedroom and put them away.
Put away items out on dressers and bedside tables
Put away the stack of books on the floor
Change sheets
Wash couch cover
Vacuum floor

This includes both daily maintenance and weekly chores. I decided not to do the seasonal flipping and vacuuming of the mattress.

I also tackled the living room.

It's hard to explain how much I hate cleaning this room.

It didn't need much: just a general tidy, dusting and a vacuum. But the carpet is in terrible shape and desperately needs a professional cleaning. (It got that way not only because of the dog but because of the cleaners I used to clean up after the dog.)

The upholstery on the couch is also a mess. I've tried steam cleaning it on my own--and probably did more harm than good. I have thought about--and even started sewing a slip cover--but with the dog keeping it clean is probably a lost cause. So, no matter what I do, the room never feels clean and I am afraid I've lost hope.

I apologise for the whining and whingeing.

A shot of the culprit being all nonchalant.

1 comment :

onshore said...

Could you consider a new couch? Leather one is easy to keep clean. I know new leather couch is expensive, but a used one could be found with an ok price.

Is it a wall to wall carpet? could you just have that removed? Money is again an issue, but it would be in the context of the "house that cleans itself". Make things easier for you.

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