Thursday, May 31, 2012

William Morris and Four Small Projects

Did you know the William Morris Society has an opinion about our little William Morris project? They do and it is empowering to read. Check it out here. Apparently, Morris made his famous remark in his battle against consumerism. That's not surprising, is it?

I love the William Morris project hosted by Pancakes and French Fries. I really do. I spend most of my week thinking about what I can do to improve both the beauty and usefulness of my home. I do little things, here and there, some so small, they don't seem worth blogging about.

Like this project.

Do you see the difference? (I mean other than I painted the wall.)

On Tuesday I installed a towel rack to the underside of the bottom shelf so my son has a place to dry the towel he drapes over the side of the tub to protect the book he's reading when he takes a bath. I was sick and tired of not having a place to put it when I collected the crumpled damp heap off the floor every morning.

Just a small thing.

I hated digging around in my little file folder holder whenever I used it. I was always squinting to see the writing on the crushed up file folder tabs. (I've been recycling file folders for more than fifteen years. Some of them are pretty beat up.) I made larger tabs to make it more useful. I used coloured pens to make it, well, ok, not beautiful, but certainly more pleasant.

Another small thing.

I want a navy blue and white bathroom and I've been hit with the chevron bug. I decided to satisfy both desires with an already previously purchased can of spray paint--and this:

(yes, taping it was a two, maybe three day project, all told. I kept thinking, it doesn't have to be perfect. Think Missoni and Target!)

Ta Da!

It holds the extra toilet paper.

A small, but fun thing.

I washed a pillow cover during my Spring Cleaning of the living room last March. When I reinserted the pillow, and closed the zipper for the very first time, it stuck. I had no choice but to take my seam ripper to it. I bought another zipper and did nothing until I had my Mom come over and teach me how to put it in yesterday.

A small thing so wonderful it was almost big.

The William Morris Project really isn't all about little home decorating projects. It's about looking and looking (especially as I want to have a post every week) and then seeing what should be done and what could be done. It's about thinking about how to solve a problem or make something work better. And, to be honest, sometimes it's about figuring out how to get something you really want. It's about all of this and more because it's always about accomplishing all of it without spending any more than is strictly necessary.

To me, that seems a good start to becoming content; and contentment is the only antidote I know to consumerism.

Linking to the William Morris Project at Pancakes &French Fries.


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

This really resonates for me: "contentment is the only antidote I know to consumerism." Have been thinking a lot about where the lines are between having what we need to be comfortable and not acquiring things we don't. Really like your idea that small changes can have a big impact on how our homes work and feel.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you.

onshore said...

That bucket is wonderfull!! Quite a difference in the feel on before and after. I can understand why the taping took that long.

Thanks for linking to the william morris society blog, I actually had no clue who he was. Just knew the quote.

Kelly said...

You've been busy, and it all looks good -- even just updating those folders! I love your bucket project; it's giving me some ideas for a piece I thought I was done with.

Alice Almighty said...

It's always the little things that make the biggest difference! Thanks for blogging the small stuff.

May said...

It really is a big thing when you knock off a series of these small jobs. One leads to the next and you build on the success.

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