Monday, May 7, 2012

The May Day Tree

I am grateful for these leaves.

This branch is part of our dying May Day tree. It's not the English May Day tree, but prunus pradus, a kind of chokecherry.

It is called the May Day tree because it tends to bloom around May day (Queen Victoria's birthday, May 24th). It also tends to become diseased when it get old, as ours is.

That's our bedroom window on the second floor. I love this tree. I'm grateful to wake up to it every morning.

(This post is part of an ongoing series for May called the Photographic Gratitude Project. Explained, here)


Anne At Large said...

Have you tried pruning out any of the dead stuff? I would want a nice tree like that to stick around. I love chokecherries. That first picture is lovely!

onshore said...

Oh I thought May Day was 1st of May. Ups.
Cherries bloom lovely.

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