Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Cure for Common Discontent

One of the best cures for discontent is gratitude. Nothing like reminding myself of something I am grateful for to snap me out of the whiny "if onlys."

A long time ago, I came across this photographic gratitude project, somewhere. (Probably via one of Aby's courses.) I've wanted to do it for some time: now is it.

It seems the perfect vehicle to help me refocus my creativity and attention from house related things to other related things: and give myself a much needed little attitude boost, too.

The first "subject" on the list of things to photograph is my favourite food. I always freeze when I hear the word "favourite. I agonize like a mother over her children, they're all my favourites! So, I thought about a favourite I had on hand just this minute. And here it is:

It had a little sticker on it, announcing it as a Red Hat. I googled it. It's more local than I ever imagined a tomato, in Alberta, in May, could ever be.

I am grateful for greenhouses, sunshine, and fresh tomatoes in May.


The Farmers Daughter said...

I love tomatoes too...unless they are from Mexico. Those are watery.

I too am wondering about what to do if I got the house projects done...what will I do with myself?

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