Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Date

This is for Day 2 of the Gratitude Photography project: a smile.

We went window shopping at Crate and Barrel. What a happy, colourful, fun place.

We sat on a chartreuse sofa with beautiful lines (we both agreed it had beautiful lines) and discussed the recent senate election (only in Alberta). We looked at a fabulous coffee table made out of reclaimed wood. We peaked at the price of a Marmiekko duvet (waaay out of our current price range), fell in love with a pillow or two and exclaimed over the dish ware in great colours and the plates with uneven edges.

We were there over half an hour. It was practically a date.

And then I said, "let's go, before the excitement of all this stuff makes me sad we can't have any of it."

Because, you know what?

I am profoundly grateful for this smile.

This smile, given while still in his work boots because he had an hour and a quarter of over time. This smile, offerred after a long day's work, just because I asked. This smile, because we're finally paying off all those impulsive purchases I made to compensate for the absence of any and all dates.

1 comment :

onshore said...

Marimekko is ridiculously expensive, I've been drooling one fabric from there. Good that you were able to resist it.

Sometimes when I go to a store with many nice things I get overwhelmed and cannot figure what to get and I usually leave empty handed.

I'm happy to hear you had a nice date.

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