Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Small Snag

Literally, 3/16th of an inch or one half a centimeter.

That's the thickness of the tile.

Daedalus has been wondering how we were going to deal with the pipes--you know, the spout faucets (shower and tub) and the tap faucets. (How come we don't have a word for the two very different kinds of faucets? Would one word each be too much to ask a language with more that 170,000 words (or so)?

Our problem was with the tap faucet cartridge thingy bits.

The question was: How were we going to get the handle bits back on the threaded bits once the tile was on the wall?

You can see we were already in trouble without the tile:

We consulted the library book we'd borrowed. We looked at the pictures, really.

Then we shuffled off to Home Depot.

Buddy there said, "Just pull the pipes forward."

So, we took a look. The access panel is in our coat closet.

We determined that someone--someone who lived here before --maybe the someone who installed wall board grooved on the bottom edge so the tub flange could be inserted up and into it, maybe the someone who installed a tub surround which turned icky yellow and fell apart--maybe, maybe not-- but someone had placed 2x4's in front of the pipes. Yes, In front.

So, we had to hack out more of the wall in order to chip and chisel away at the 2x4's.

One half day later, we were done.

The taps are now barely where they need to be.

That grey stuff is a sealant which turns to rubber to help waterproof things around the faucet thingys.

The adventures continue....

1 comment :

onshore said...

Oh that must have been frustrating, but it's done now!

Sometimes it feels that the smallest things can put all things to a total halt.

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