Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Haircuts

Whoo hoo.

My daughter and I both got our hair cut at a fancy schmancy salon today.

I love it! All the stylist did was put some sort of gel through my hair and then twirled it around her finger for the curl. Talk about easy! Emma loves hers, too. The stylist used a hair straightener on hers.

Here's my before:

The difference is nearly unbelievable.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Holy Crap! You look like you're about 10 years younger! Love it!

It also looks much easier to manage!

...did I mention that I love it?

scb said...

Wow! You look fantabulous! I, too, absolutely love it. (Does your head feel amazingly lighter?) Emma/Aurelia looks fantastic, too.

How exciting!

(I'm going to a fancy-schmancy salon in LA in a month. I don't have as much to work with, but hopefully I'll be as happy as the two of you look!)

onshore said...

Holy %&! You two look so good, I want a bob too!

Carol-Anne you stole what I was going to say :) You really do look ten years younger. Try to experiment with your hair, I know I'm easily stuck in one style or do, eventhought I could try allsorts of dos everyday.

Colleen said...

love the haircut! I'm another who thinks you look 10 years younger. Both Pantene and Garnier make a good curl creme- put a small dot on the palm, rub hands together, run hands through hair and scrunch, allow hair to air dry. Simple but effective to enhance the curl.

Amber said...


The Farmers Daughter said...

un freakin believable! You guys look fantastic and what a change on your hair! Everyone is right....10 years difference!

This makes me want to go out and cut off my hair now.....

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