Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals for January, specifically

First, here the list of things to do in January: January get organized checklist from Aby of Simplify 101.

I've been working on this list, off and on, for a few days. I started with the goal of "not taking on too much." After all, the bath tub tiling project will consume quite a bit of time as it is. (My husband is taking the week of January 8th to the 15th off, so IT WILL BE DONE!)

But now that I see it in its entirety, it's just exhausting.
And although, I suppose, one doesn't NEED to set goals (see the guest post at Zen Habits, today) I find that for me I am much more productive if I put it all down in black and white. If I don't, I just drift. As a sahm, there is no one and pretty much nothing to ensure I even get out of bed in the morning--let alone do much of anything once I am out. So, without further preamble, here's the list of things I want done before the 31st.

Project Life: (Scrapbooking)

Keep notes on what happens every day

Take a picture everyday, preferably of someone doing something.

I figure that if I can keep this up for a month, I can committ to buying the bits and pieces I need to actually put together an album. It's all sold out, now, anyway.

Project Housekeeping:

Keep up with the daily tasks and report to the Blog when motivation flags.

Update and personalize the Motivated Mom's Cleaning checklist to the end of March.

Project Basement De-Clutter:

Get Christmas stuff put away under the stairs, Catalogue it properly.

Take out and deal with the other stuff under the stairs.

Spend 15 minutes a day down there, working on it (except for the days I'm working in the bathroom).

Project Style:

Get hair cut

Buy foundation

Wear make up every time I leave the house.

Project Debt-Reduction:

Sign up for Financial Peace University

Keep grocery trips to once a week.

Project Self-Improvement:

Work out twice every three days.

Record what I eat, every day.

Finish Photoshop course from Jessica Sprague

Finish reading Great Expectations.

Find and join a bookclub.

Project Home school

Plan work until the end of March.

Project Winter House List:

Kitchen-- Make curtain panel for sink window.

Living Room -- Buy a plant or two and keep it alive.

Downstairs Bathroom -- Paint wooden ceiling planks white.
-- Put up Kerdie and install Tile.

I'll keep you posted!


Anne At Large said...

This sounds like quite a list! Also, give me a holler if you want to talk houseplants, that's what I do all day right now...

scb said...

Wow. As usual, I'm bowled over by your ambition and your careful planning.

... my face rebels when I try to wear makeup every day.

I'm hopeless at keeping houseplants alive, too. Good luck!

Good luck with it all, actually.

onshore said...

Plentiful of goals, all the luck for the bathroom. I'm really excited to see the end result.

I do make goals too or project lists, but I always leave the schedule open. I'm a go with the flow type myself.

onshore said...

Oh and I meant to ask that why is this post hogging it's own page? Why aren't there any other posts on this page?

Alana in Canada said...

Oh my, I have no idea why the rest of the posts aren't showing up. They should be!

And, scb, I do not go out every day!

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