Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Night Check-In


That's the sound of me sitting down in my office chair after fetching my 14th cup of coffee.


That's the sound of everything I thought I'd get done hitting me up the side of the head.

Oh well.

I focused on the important, so I'm happy.

Done! 1. -- take an inventory of the pantry and freezer, plan all of our dinners for January and make a shopping list.

Done! 2. --Finish running off the duplicates of the calendar I made for my Mom.

Done! 3. --Take the calendars Staples to be bound. Mail them.

uh, no. 4. Write up my Statement of Intent for Cathy Zielske's Big Picture Class: Move More, Eat Well (MMEW).

nope, not done, either 5. Finish my pre-class assignment for MMEW.

eeew. Not done. 6. Vacuum the stairs.

in progress. 7. Work on my goals for 2012. Create a list of specific ones to work on for January, specifically. In other words, get specific!

not going to do. Too late. 7b: Finish post of top 11 accomplishments in 2011.

in progress. 8. Create my project list for January.

Done! 9. Get out to a scrapbook store and buy kraft coloured cardstock.

1/2 done. 10. Find a hair salon we can afford and within walking distance and make hair appointments for my daughter and I. (I found a place in B.C. which will accept 9" pony tail of my grey hair to make into a wig for Cancer patients.)

I made some calls. The one nearest me charges $50 (average $60) for a women's cut. If I want the epynonymous owner, however, I have to pay $85.00 (yikes!) A child's cut is $25 to 30. These folks are not open on Mondays (the only day I have the vehicle). They are, however, within 10 minutes walking distance.

The least expensive place is a little farther away, (maybe 15-20 minutes?) at $40.00 for a woman's cut and $20.00 for a child's.

By the by, I am aware that there are "chains" --like Supercuts-- which will hack off my hair for $20 or so--but my experience with places like that is what drove me to grow my hair out in the first place!

Oh and MOST important--I'm 2 for 2 for exercise! Two sessions in two days--yay! AND, I signed up for a class called "women on weights" which starts next Sunday.

I'm feeling super anxious and excited about everything I want to do this year, this month, this week. But I really can't think about it until we get out and shop, get home and put it all away. Tomorrow. Then, I'll breathe again.

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