Monday, March 28, 2011

Mondays in March

When I started this, I expected to see dramatic changes from week to week. I expected the snow to melt.

It hasn't. Not much. It has simply been a cold miserable month--and without any sunshine to speak of.

So, here's where we're at today:

Not much of an improvement from February 28th:

But, it doesn't quite look as cold, does it? That's a plus.

Today: Right now, it is minus 1 C--well below the seasonal norm of about 6 degrees. We've been below seasonal norms all month, if not all year. We've certainly seen more snow than usual. I really do think that this is the result of too much CO2 in the atmosphere: I read that the hydology cycle is already screwed up--and it certainly could be. That's why I blame the new super-mini-micro photo chip I just bought for the Earthquakes we've had recently in the Pacific.

Sorry. I'll get off my soapbox, now.


Cloudy. Becoming cloudy periods near midnight. Fog patches developing near midnight. Low minus 5.

This week is looking good. Plus temperatures all week, at last.

I'm putting together a plan for Spring Cleaning and decluttering for April. Do you have any Spring Cleaning plans?


Leena said...

It's so similar here, like only a week ago it was looking so nice, there were plus degrees and snow was melting so fast. Now it's back to minus degrees and we even got more snow on monday.

Some spring bulbs were even growing, now I had to cover them with snow so they would not freeze.

Dharma said...

Over here from Becolorful! I am so done with snow too....Canada in March...ugh! Took your hometour though....very nice! I love the new roof colour, it does make the house "warmer". Nice to meet ya! Dharma in Ontario

LOJO said...

not only do I still have snow- we have two systems moving in on us for the weekend.


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