Monday, March 7, 2011

Mondays in March

I really did take this picture this afternoon.

Hooray for sunshine!

My husband was out raking the roof and since most folks won't have a clue what that's about, I thought I'd show it to you:

It's simple, really. The roof rake is basically just a long shovel on a telescoping rod and you just pull the snow off the roof. When there's a lot of it, he'll get on a ladder to reach as far as he can.

We do that so we don't get ice dams at the edge where the eaves troughing meets the roof. Nonetheless, you can see one here. Actually, all you can do is try and keep them small. You can't prevent them entirely.

I took this from the ground looking up at the edge of the roof. Click to enlarge.

Without proper eaves, the ice dams do damage not only to the roof, but to our walls inside, too. I'll spare you the photos.

So--as for the weather today (temperatures in Celcius):

current temperature at 3pm: -13

Clear. Low minus 21.

This week? Sheer Craziness --in other words-- typical March weather!

Just for fun, here's last week's post.

1 comment :

LOJO said...

that round table is fantastic!

we haven't had to use the roof rake this year- just when it becomes needed- it gets sunny and melts away..... yea for that at least.....

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