Sunday, March 13, 2011

Powder Room Reveal

Ta Da!

This is our upstairs bathroom. It's not a full bath: that's downstairs. I finally decided to get to it and get it done so I could include it in the home tour series.

This has been a long time coming.

I lived with this bathroom, in this state, for years:

Then, in August, two things came together--and change became possible:

1) I found out about spray paint.
I'd always known about spray paint, of course, but I'd always thought it was for outdoor things, and I thought it only came in bright primary and neon colours. My eyes were forever opened when I came across a CSI project using spray paint.

2) A CSI project itself. It was called "create something inspired by pottery barn" or something to that effect.

That's all it took. Suddenly, I knew change was possible, and I had a direction.

I made a mood board from images in the Pottery Barn bath catalog.

The back of the toilet is metal. We sanded it.

We eventually sanded off the rust, too.

It took several coats of spray paint: but it worked!

Things came together quite quickly. I chose the paint colour based on the collaboration between Pottery Barn and Benjamin Moore. That story here

I sewed a PB inspired curtain for my tiny casement window. Tutorial here

Individual pieces were transformed with spray paint. Lots of detailed before and after shots here

And then things stalled. I wanted to put the shelves back up over the toilet: yet I loved the openess without them. Plus, I wanted new boards.

I finally got them up. I don't love them. But, the room is now fully functional--which is a good thing.

So, here we are, at long last:

Looking in through the door from the hall way.

Spray painted toilet tank top, bought new seat, made and installed new shelves, sewed new curtains, painted the walls, bought a rug.

The east wall, to the left of the toilet.

Purchased new towels, bought and installed new toilet roll holder, spray painted basket, bought new washcloths, made new art work and purchased a new frame which I painted and distressed.

To the right of the toilet: the sink area.

Spray painted old Ikea metal spice shelves, added hooks, replaced wood shelf with glass, replaced old cracked mirror with new, installed new light switch and plate.

I also spray painted the ceiling light fixture. (not shown)

And there we have it.

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Thanks for coming to see my "new" bathroom.


Anne (in Reno) said...

You did an amazing job! I love the spray paint solutions! I would be inclined to put the new art in a bigger frame with more matte showing, but other than that, I love the whole shebang!

Martina said...

Great Job! I just love the transformation! Stopping by from Susan's party. Martina

LOJO said...

good job on that bathroom. I like how clean and open it looks now!

Leena said...

This sure looks good, especially the toilet seat. Also that you changed the shelves and their supports makes a huge difference.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The wall color made ALL the difference! I have a white bathroom right now...I'm ready for a change! ♥

Teresa said...

Love the walls, everything looks so much better! Good job!

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