Monday, November 8, 2010

Kitchen Cure, yep, Week 1.

But, it is a beauty.

I finally, finally, finally had all my supplies together to clean out (and clean!) one of my two over the counter kitchen cupboards.

Just to orient you: These are my kitchen cupboards. The shelves I tackled are on the right.

Supplies? What supplies?

It took me a while, But I settled on using good old fashioned quart (or Liter) canning jars for holding things I usually buy in floppy bags. And I bought shelf paper. Plain white shelf paper. I wanted something pretty: but I couldn't find anything that wasn't hideous (or clashed with my kitchen). So, I went with white.
Glad I did.

The embarrassing before:

ugh, ugh.

The shelves with the new paper: much better!

I did weed out a bunch of spice packets (chili mixes and the sort) and kept very few. So few, I didn't want a container for them: so I hammered in some picture hangers to hold them (those all wood cabinets have to be good for something!)

And so, you've waited long enough, you've earned it:

Ta Da!

I'm feeling mighty smug.


Leena said...

You should feel smug. The cupboards look magnificient! The shelf paper makes all the difference. Love the glass jars.

Cookbook said...

Looks nice! =)

Kitchen Cupboards said...

Excellent read. I like your style...have a good one!/Nice blog! Keep it up!

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