Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coming Soon: Advent

image: Pottery Barn.

I know it seems soon, but if I want to make anything, I need to get on it. I've been collecting ideas since last year. Most of them involve hanging up some sort of numbered container to hold things we can unfold or unwrap.

Here is my favourite idea: Little pyramidal boxes.

photo: Julie Ree

The best tutorial is from T. Mathews Fine Art. I like how she adapted it to use Scrapbook paper.

I do love felt, though. Our vintage tree skirt is felt applique made eons ago by my Aunt.

These felt pockets from all sorts may be a bit on the small side? I don't know.

Here's another hanging felt idea: the classic stocking.

Aren't these cute? photo and tutorial from: Knit and purl grrl

Here's a modern take on a traditional felt calendar:

photo and tutorial from purlbee

Design sponge featured this fairly simple but elegant envelope pocket based countdown "calendar."

photo and tutorial: design sponge

A more colourful and even easier take on that idea is this one by quietfish. The envelopes could even be kept in a basket (and I could have one for each child to open). She filled hers with activities. I would like some room for a bit of candy, though.

photo and tutorial from quietfish

This bucket idea could not be more simple:

photo: John Lewis.

It's just a matter of finding the buckets. Of course, if I did that, then I suppose I could do this:

photo: Pottery Barn.

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