Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AT Fall Cure: Day 13

Day 13: Declutter Books and Media

I once asked, how much should I declutter? How much room should I make in my drawers? in my closets? on my shelves? The answer came back: clear as much room as you think you will need for the items coming into your home in the future. Of course, the next question is, how far into the future?

So, here we are. Books. How much room should I make on my shelves for them?

Maxwell said 10% --but then he urged us to get rid of 25%. That's a lot. For me, anyway. The more books you have, the larger the number of books 25% actually represents. It is more than I am likely to fill back up in 5 years. We just haven't bought that many books in the last few years (homeschool curriculum doesn't count!) nor is that likely to change.

But, I suppose I could do with a good weeding out. I could aim for 10% of every shelf--at least. Maybe. It will depend on the shelf!

Here are the bookshelves under attack, by room.

Living room: They flank the fireplace.

On the left:

On the right:

(These shelves need a complete overhaul, as usual.)

The Dining room/Office.

Above the desk:

The Expedit:

and the bookshelf:

The stair landing has two shallow bookcases. My husband and I made them.

When you turn on the landing to continue up the stairs, this is what greets you:

There are bookshelves in our bedroom:

and in the kitchen:

It is a little overwhelming.

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Anne (in Reno) said...

I can see how 25% of that would be a LOT. However, I am a big reader and book lover and I find myself now able to keep only the books I love and know I will want to read again (textbooks don't count here either). The library is a great thing.

How is your local library? Are these all books you can conceive of you or family members reading again? Things to think about.

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