Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AT Fall Cure: Days 11 & 12

Day 11: Clean One Room

Thank goodness for this one.

I tackled the Master Bedroom. I did it in four parts.

1) 15 minute surface and quick de-clutter
2) Changed the sheets
3) 20 minute surface "Cure Clean"
4) Put on love seat cover

I have been wanting to restore this room to serenity for ages. Ever since August. That's when I decided to use it as a dumping ground for both my daughter's things when I cleared out her room and for the things from the bathroom when I redecorated it. The room had not been properly dusted or vacuumed in 2 1/2 months. Ugh.

So, the bathroom isn't quite done. I just have the new shelves to put up -- and they are coming along, albeit slowly. I'm tired of having the bathroom's contents on my dresser, though, so I moved it all into a laundry basket: now sitting on the old school chair. Once I had solved that little problem, the cleaning could commence.

I got all the dust bunnies! I swear, I chased them all away. I used my ostrich feather duster on the furniture and I swiffered and vacuumed the floor. I pulled out the couch and the bed and bedside tables and got everything along the walls. It was most gratifying.

(I have no idea why I took all of these vertically.)

Ta Da!

I figure that if I pick up daily and swiffer weekly, I'll only need to vacuum once a month. Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could manage that?!

Day 12: Buy Flowers.

In honour of ephemera:

And now, I'm all caught up!

(I have no idea if I shall stay caught up, though.)

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