Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Room of a Ten Year Old Girl

is generally pink.

Unfortunately, in the case of this ten year old girl, it is also a mess.

She starts school in less than a week. Public school. Except for a brief jaunt in Kindergarten, she has been homeschooled until now. I am having separation anxiety: and one of the ways I know how to cope with anxiety is to be physically active.

And this room needs some action!

It faces West. These pictures were taken in the morning: I apologise for their poor quality. I just can;t get decent pictures of this room, ever, and the CF's in her light fixture do not help!

I'm not going to embarrass us both by posting pictures of the entire room. This should give you enough of an idea of the state it is in:

She want blue, purple and pink--she does not want me to edit her belongings (tough luck, sweetie) and she does not want me to paint her bookshelves white. She just may not get her way. This was the closest image a PB we could find which expressed her wishes as far as colour goes:

(She especially liked the TV! She's not going to get that either, poor kid!)

My Mom is going to come over today and help me empty out her room.

I also picked up this old desk from my Mom for my daughter last night.


It is in rough shape (but I do have all the drawers and the piece is solid.)



1 comment :

Becolorful said...

It looks great. I just "aquired" a similar desk that I am painting up for an art show. I think mine will have quotes on the top but I like the idea of numbering the drawers.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my yellow door. If you do paint yours I hope you will send me an image. I'd love to see it. Red it good too but mine had also faded and I thought it was time for a change.
Have a great weekend.

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