Saturday, August 21, 2010

Progress Report


There has been progress.

Wonderful, heartlifting, joyous, transforming progress. I have not been this excited and happy about a project since I don't know when!

Here is my tiny bathroom, taken from the hallway, on Thursday:

and here is what greeted me this morning:

I am so thrilled! That's unusual for me, actually. Usually, right after I paint, I don't like the colour. I think I react negatively to the change, or something. By the time I have the room back together, the colour has grown on me and I'm once again happy with the choice that took weeks and weeks to make.

This was totally different. I just sat down and browsed the PB on-line catalogue for inspiration--and when I was done, I noticed that PB and my favourite paint people have collaborated. The colour of the rooms in the catalogue are all listed in Benjamin Moore colours!

For example, here is an image from the Bed and Bath Catalogue, page 14-15.

And on this page, we have a listing of the colours used.

I was thrilled. In my mad dash to find PB- inspired fabric and accessories on Monday, I found the fabric, got swatches, and then went to BM and picked up three possible paint chips: Manchester Tan, Rattan and Hush. After I was finished my running around on Monday, I knew the project was doable. On Tuesday, I bought Hush.

I didn't even take the paint chip upstairs to the bathroom. It is a south facing room. Anything would work, as long as it wasn't too light. Manchester Tan was too light. Rattan, too dark. The decision was simple.

Though, I must admit I did laugh at myself when Daniel McGinn, discussing a Realtor's staging of a house for sale, wrote this:
She'll [the Realtor] paint the walls an inoffensive beige. (One agent tells me the basic goal of staging is to make every room look like a page from the Pottery Barn catalog.) House Lust, p. 201

Why wouldn't I want to buy my own house?

(taken with the flash)


Meanwhile, work in the kitchen continues:


Kimberly said...

awesome! If the inspiration images are any indication, it's going to look stellar!

Thanks for commenting on my spray painted bird bath!

Colleen said...

nice! My house in Saudi is currently being repainted for the first time in goodness knows how many years, and much of it will be basically that color. Right now all the walls & trim are dingy while and I want the white to pop more like I see it is doing in your bathroom. Great minds think alike I suppose!

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