Friday, August 6, 2010

Decluttering, Friday Edition

Today, my focus was on the desk, dining room table and paperwork.

I have finished writing my chapter for the Narrative History of Canada. A small homeschooling publishing house is looking for a writer to undertake the project and like a fool I want to do it. This is the second chapter I have written "on spec" for them, and in spite of my best efforts not to get all worked up about it, I am a mess of nerves. I've even asked the kids not to speak to me today!

So, I did two 15 minutes sessions of mad, furious, de4cluttering today.

In the first, the desk and the table directly behind it went from this:

To this:

But the real triumph was this:

Honest--15 minutes. That's it.

Yes--the dreaded paperwork!

Isn't that a pretty tray? I knew I'd enjoy getting to the bottom of it when I purchased it back in May!


LOJO said...

that is the tray I have been kicking myself about not getting when I last went to Ikea.... nice job on the clean up!

scb said...

*writer hugs* Hope all goes well with that -- keep us posted, okay?

GREAT job on the clean up! Yay you!

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