Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inspiration and the Bug

from Vintage Sassy

I have been spending too much time these days surfing the web. Somehow, I stumbled across a "family" of blog sites whose members egg each other on to decorate, find vintage treasures and do endless clever DIY projects. They also have these "link parties" where folks can show off their creations or decorations or finds or what have you. I makes for many hours at the computer looking at real rooms by really talented women.

It all started with this blog: Vintage Sassy, now called "Storybook Cottage." LeAnn Huntington changes her decor faster than you can say either name so it's always interesting to see what has happened to her space! More than that, as I sat and read through her entire blog over a few evenings, I realised it was a story of a woman who found her inner decorating voice, her courage--and her joy. Her rooms were the vehicle for and the evidence of her transformation.

For example, here's the living room, as it looked in February of this year:

It kind of reminds me of another living room I know well (though hardly equal):

(all decked out for Aurelia's 10th Birthday Party.)

The living room over at LeAnn's transformed into something still tasteful, still gorgeous: but, oh, so much more alive! (The first picture above.) Of all the blogs I've been traveling, ( and believe me there have been a lot!) this one has inspired me to the most to go on the journey myself.

I have the bug. The decorating bug. The "let's hop into the car and go to Value Village and see if there's anything there" bug. I'm supposed to be de-cluttering, not adding to it! Oh well.

Here's a recently found treasure:

So what's going to happen now?
I have no idea.

I do have some painting to to this afternoon, though.

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Kim said...

That's funny. You'll be amazed at what can start with one plate purchase. Good luck. It's so nice to have a good inspiration point.

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