Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Landing Strip: Show and Tell

I love the idea of a landing strip. Love it.

I used to have one, too. In the front hallway, I put a small cabinet (12" deep)in the hallway, a bowl on the top for loose change, a plate for mail, a couple of baskets on its shelves and called it good.

Then we got a dog. He took the hats, mitts and scarves (or hats, sidewalk chalk and sunglasses) out of the basket and chewed them. Shoes (and boots) had to be lifted out of the way and put on the cabinet.

And so we have this:

(and no, that's not a bullet hole in the wall. Last fall I took down a big, heavy framed poster and told the hubby we needed to take a box cutter and cut off the lips of the wall anchors before we puttied and repainted. He disagreed: and by way of proof, he just yanked the anchor out of the plasterboard. Leaving proof, of course, that I was right. It may be like this for a little while longer yet!)

I need something entirely different and have for a few years, unfortunately. It may take me a while to figure it out--probably by the time the puppy grows out of the dog!

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