Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wow. Have I been busy. two and a half on-line courses, one of which involved creating three layouts (or more) a week, another which involved goal setting, and the 1/2 is another scrapbooking class I'm still taking: how to use my computer. It's a whole "thing" now, apparently, with it's own name: it's called "hybrid" scrapping. It seems I've been doing this all along as I use the computer for journaling and titles. But now I'm learning I can print paper and tags and accents, and journaling blocks and add frames to me pictures and do all sorts of wonderful things--all for the cost of ink. The above is an example.

In all, I've created fifty layouts (maybe a few more) in the last three months--and I've discovered that blogging and scrapping don't go together for me.

Oh well, that's not why I'm here, now. I'm not exactly sure why I am here now, except for the fact that I was cleaning out my inbox and saw that a few of you missed me. Thanks. I've missed you, too.

I broke a bone in my foot three weeks ago. (The fifth metatarsal, for those who like such details.) The forced inactivity is driving me mad. Well, not exactly inactivity: my chair does roll, so I've been going back and forth from the computer to the scrap table. But that's it. I can feel my hips expanding as I type. And the snow is melting, the birds are returning and I hate being cooped up involuntarily!

My mom has been generously coming over three times a week to help me stay on top of dishes and laundry. But still, things pile up and it's driving me crazy. I'd show you a picture--but guess what? My camera is kaput once again. So, yes, this time I'm researching digital SLR's.

I'm involved in a course from Simplify 101 again, called "Organizing your Paper Clutter." Wow--will it be helpful! But it does mean that things are REALLY disorganized as I shuffle paper about. And I've discovered that you really need to be able to stand for longer than two minutes to deal with paper. But it's OK. It's not a race.

I have signed up to receive e-mails for the Spring Cure. I haven't decided how much I'll participate, if at all.

That's it for now.
Many thanks to those of you who encouraged me to "come back" to the blogosphere!


LOJO said...

OMG!!! glad to see you back! Sorry about the foot, but OMG glad to see you back!

scb said...

I, too, am so VERY glad to see you back! I was worried about you, my friend.

As LOJO said, sorry about the foot, but sooooooooo glad to see you back!

Mella DP said...

Alana!!! I've missed you too! Hi!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Glad to see you back and I hope that foot feels better soon!

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