Monday, March 29, 2010

Creating a Vision for my Home

Yes, here we are again.

Because I still live here! We still bring things in, we need to take more stuff out. Priorities change. Interests change. Our lives change. And the house should keep up!

In the past, I've focused on aesthetics. Having the right look was very important to me. Function, while important, was secondary. I'm hoping that this Spring, I will find a happy, liveable balance between the two.

I want to give the house a thorough clean and declutter--as always. And I am way, way behind without the ability to move quickly to catch up.

And so, we must begin at the beginning: with a goal and a vision.

The Goal: to live joyfully with my family in a functional, calming and cheerfully decorated home with only those things in it which we love or use (and preferably both).

The Vision:


LOJO said...

I like the vision. Very nice.

Since January I have been removing 7 items every week from my house. If I bring in new things I have to remove an additonal item for every new item. So far it's worked- every week I've gotten rid of more than I have brought in.

I think in 8 or 9 years I will have the place cleaned out.

scb said...

I love the vision, too, and the focus on finding the balance between aesthetics and purpose. I think that's the stage I'm in, as well.

I will be following your progress on this with interest. I need to start blogging my own apartment stuff again, as well.

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