Friday, March 26, 2010

In the Thick of It

It's a cure of a different sort, I guess.
I'm in the thick of papers. I joined my paper clutter class a bit late--and so had to begin the BIG SORT right away. I had my Mom take me to Staples on Wednesday for the boxes and since then I have been sorting....and sorting...and sorting.

There are six categories for this initial sort:

1) to do, time specific;
2) to do, time flexible;
3) reference
4) archive
5) recycle/shred

oh and
6) "collect".

See these binders? I sorted all of them. And more.

Here was category 5) at noon today.

I'd set the timer for 15 minutes, mutter "that wasn't enough time" when it went off and plow through more. When I took a break, I made new binder spine inserts. I had fun today.

My mind is sort of swimming with it all. I'm anxious to get through the sort, though, because then I get to set up my paper handling "systems" and that will really be fun!

Thanks for all your warm welcomes yesterday.

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