Friday, April 9, 2010

The Weekend Project: My bedroom

All week, I had been wondering: what was that cryptic note on my calendar for Thursday, April 8, 2010?

It read, simply, "9am."

Of course, I wrote it down while I was still hobbling on crutches and probably hadn't yet figured out how to write something at eye level while trying to stand on one foot and hold up two crutches with my hands.

I'd thought maybe it was the orthodontist, so I'd called to ask (and in case it was, to cancel, as though my hobbling has improved, I'm not risking driving a standard just yet).

I'm listening to messages Wednesday night, at midnight, and the orthodontists' office is cheerily telling me, no, it's not them, "I hope you figure it out, bye." and with a sickness in my stomach that cannot be described, I realised: it's the home inspection guy.

It's the guy who is going to come and enter my bedroom and open a hatch to look at the insulation under the eaves. It's the guy who is going to go down into the basement and look at the furnace (Thank heavens I had Emma clear a path just that day!).

And my bedroom looked like a clothing cyclone had hit it. I hadn't put anything away for four weeks. I set the alarm. I got up at 8:45am. I tackled it.

This is what was in front of the hatch:

The other side of the bed was OK: but the bed itself wasn't.

The foot of the bed was the real disaster:

And it went all the way across the room:

After about 45 minutes: 45 minutes, that's all, it was no longer humiliating and embarrassing: just embarrassing.

In front of the hatch:

The bed:

The foot of the bed:

And across the room:

I spent less than 15 minutes today dealing with the clothes in the basket and switching out some winter clothes for summer ones. But, the room needs a thorough dusting--the surfaces and, especially, the floor. As I wrote in the forum at Simplify 101, Quick and Simple Clutter Control, I just want to rip the room apart, vacuum, dust, wash and throw everything out except our beds and dressers and what fits IN them!

I'd like to wash the walls, too, but I don't think I have the stamina for that.

So, expect some awesome AFTER pictures, Monday or Tuesday, kay?

PS: As a reward for reading this far, I offer some awesome eye candy: here

Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alana,

I'm Kattis and I am a class mate of yours over at Quick and Simple Clutter Control. I just thought that I would delurk and tell you that I have been reading your blog and very much enjoyed your ponderings over various subjects.

Sorry that I havn't "said Hi" before.

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