Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Tree

Five days ago I put our old artificial Christmas tree out at the foot of the driveway. And then we hit the deep freeze.

My husband and I had bought it at a garage sale--on our honeymoon! We paid all of $5 for it. We were very proud of ourselves. The tree meant what our marriage meant to us: tradition, family, togetherness.

And it did not fail us. Short, squat, and straggly, it was furniture for our memories.

We've been thinking about getting a new tree for a couple of years, now. We finally found one a few weeks ago and in our price range, too, though it WAS more than $5!

So, I put it out on the curb with a sign --and apparently, right before bed last night, my husband noticed someone had taken it. I hope it brings someone as much happiness as it brought us.

1 comment :

scb said...

How lovely that you were able to pass along the joy of the tree to someone else! May your new tree bring you much happiness as you celebrate together!

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