Saturday, December 5, 2009

Calendar Pages, done. Finally.

(This year's "Christmas" photo, scrapped in 8x8 format for the 2010 calendar.)

Right now, I am so glad my mother doesn't read my blog!

I have been slogging away at the dining room table, scrapping my heart out. I've got all the pages done for the 2010 calendar. Yay! Now, I take them to Staples and have them photocopy it onto "proper" calendars. I give one to my Grandmother and one to my Mother-in-law. My Mom gets the originals mounted into a calendar I buy at the scrapbook store that is 8x8."

Like an idiot, last year I decided I would put together an album of the calendar pages I've made in years past. I started making these dratted things with pictures from 2003. The idea, though, wasn't to include just the pages I'd made into calendars--oh no, I was going to go back and scrap the years I'd missed, as well. (My true talent in life, I think, is making things difficult for myself!) So, last year, I started putting it together. The pages' format was all over the place, of course. 2003 was 5x7, 2005 was 6x6 and 2004 and 2008 weren't scrapped at all. I must have done 2004 last year, because when I re-discovered the project (as I was cleaning up the dining room during "office week" it was done.

Here's an example--in the Spirit of the Season-- from each year:




2006: (as the original 6x6)


I didn't get the pages done for a calendar last year (pictures from 2008): in fact I didn't even have pictures for each month. This year, I just bought a cute pad of paper (from K&Co.) and just scrapped what I could. I did all of 2008 today. I really enjoyed doing them.


I've one more, just one more page from 2008 to scrap and a few title pages for the album and then I am done, done, done!

Good thing. Tomorrow we put up the tree and I'll need the dining room table to make ornaments with the kids.


scb said...

Fantastic work, Alana!!!! Those pages (all of them) are great! (And I'm really, really glad your Mom doesn't read your blog!)

What an incredible amount of work you put into those pages each year -- but what a treasure for those who receive them.

LOJO said...

how wonderful! I love the picture from 2006- they seem so happy

Anonymous said...

Wow--Look at you go! They look great and your kids look so happy--wonderful smiles.

Anne (in Reno) said...

What adorable pictures! I love the combinations of patterns, too.

Petit Filoux said...

Thanks very much for visiting my blog! Thanks for leaving a comment too, but I thought I should let you know that the link that you found is only for the little boxes, whereas I'd found one with the numbers and dots already printed on. Still can't remember where I found it though!
Lovely calendar pages by the way!!

Petit Filoux said...

Brilliant!! Thanks for finding the link, I'll amend my post to include it!!

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