Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finish It Friday Follow-Up..

This was turned into


This represents half the ribbon shown above. I'm afraid Aurelia put a staple through two fingers doing this project! She was fine--but it took a few discussions of past Christmas injuries and scars and so on to proceed to do the second chain. (Not to worry. I'll spare you.)

But it is all now on the tree and looks wonderful.

Checking in on Friday's list:

    1) Clean the upstairs hallway. Aurelia still has buckets of things she cleaned out from her room waiting to go into the donation box in the basement.

Done! Just need to do the usual sweeping and dusting.
    2) Finish painting a side table. It needs a third and final coat of white.

Also done! It is now back in her room and she is grateful. I am glad to have the space in my bedroom, too.

    3) Wrap Scrap albums for my Mom.

Wow. Also done.

    4) Collect Stocking stuffers and assess whether more is needed (and for whom.)

Almost done. I've lost track of a few even though I have a "where did I hide it sheet?" in my Holiday Planner.

    5) Put away the summer curtains from the living room.


    6) I'd also like to catch up with all of you this weekend, too.

sigh. Sorry. Almost caught up. Not quite. Those of you whom I have visited will know by the comments I have left. (At least, I hope I left comments everywhere I went!)

In other news, we had to get up early Sunday morning for the Children's Concert at Service on Sunday. Even though it was minus forty (or so). We all went very early to bed as a result both Sunday and Monday night. I'm hoping that having got up at 6am this morning doesn't de-rail us too much. Both kids have gone back to bed and that could mean serious trouble at bed time tonight.

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