Friday, August 3, 2012

Re-vamped Lamps.

I am getting very cocky, these days. I'm begining to think that I can do almost anything DIY.

I wanted to convert this lamp from something which takes a downward shade to one that takes a shade with a harp. Why? Because I cannot find the former, but the latter abound.

It was too easy, really.

Here's what the shade looked like inside:

I'm only showing you what the harp looks like because at three of the four stores I went to to find one 9" high, I had to explain what I was looking for ("You know, the thing in the lamp that the shade sits on.") I didn't talk to anyone at the fourth store, or my percentage might have been 100%.

Walmart, by the way, carries a line by BH&G and their harps do not come with the bottom bit--the part the harp actually sits in. The lamps, however (also by BHG) do have it--but not the top part of the harp. (So, when you buy the lamp, you have to fork out an extra $4-$5 for the top part of the harp and a conversion project like this is impossible.)  Tacky marketing, if you ask me.

Moving on.

(Sorry for the blur. We were watching the Olympics while doing this little project.)

Off everything came.

Make sure you identify which wire goes with which screw as you dissamble everything. You don't want to mess with the circuit!
I don't know if you can see it, but I used a black marker on the screw and the wire coating.

There. The bottom bit which holds the harp is now in position.

Matching up the right wire with the right screw.

The top part of the harp is in place.

And so is the new lampshade!

For some reason, my Mom had two. We thought they were the same. They were similiar, both brass: but definitely not the same.

(Yes, that's dust on the wall! This was taken a mere 24 hours after Mom finished verathaning the floor.)

I just googled "swing arm lamps" and I'm now thinking these shades are actually too big for the lamps. What do you think?


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

That is kind of the standard size for the style of lamp, so I think they're just fine!

So nice to see you're still working on your mom's house! Hope to see the 'finished product' in that room someday!

onshore said...

You should be cocky, 'cos you can do all things DIY! Excellent work on the lamps.

I don't think the shade looks too big, they are just perfect.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks guys. Still working on Mom's place, but it is slow going. I;m spray painting her curtain rods, supports, finials and curtain rings today. The couch may or may not make it in from the garage.

The Farmers Daughter said...

I wasn't sure about the size of those shades, but in the last pic they look perfect- a great size. That is a fantastic little DIY series. I have to change one of my lamps and now I have something to go by! thanks!!!

Alana in Canada said...

Great, Lorijo. Glad to help, as always!

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I know this task is supposed to be simple, but it's always confounded me. I'm intimidated by wires. So appreciate the simple, illustrated instructions. Have to pin this one!

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